Children’s day at Azwikundi/Kopano Ke maatla

Children's Day at Azwikundi/Kopano Ke MaatlaThuso in South Africa has been sending parcels of baby and young people’s clothing, books, toys, soaps, pencils etc to Azwikundi Aids Co-op near Pretoria who are currenty supporting 30+ orphans. On October 9th, Children’s Day in South Africa, the parcels were handed out to the children at the Kopano Ke Maatla Home Based Care Centre. Kopana was set up in 1999 to provide home based care for orphans, the elderly and HIV/AIDS patients.

The local press were invited to cover the day and published an excellent write up and pictures of the event.

Some of the patients produce hand-crafted jewellery for fundraising purposes and our Chair Mmapula Tladi-Small has brought back a selection for us to sell on our stall and at the Garden Party on 17th July.

Above is a photo of some of the staff and also the children with parcels that they received.