Write an article

To write an article, simply send an email to colin@thuso.org (don’t forget to attach any images you would like included).

Or you can contribute directly to this website – please email colin@thuso.org and ask for a username and password so you can login to this site. If you contribute directly, you can also edit your contributions in case you need to make changes. Once you’ve logged in, click on “Write” and start writing your article! Adding images is a little trickier – you first need to press the “Browse” button to pick them from your computer and upload them to the site. Please ensure the images are of a suitable resolution for the webpage – i.e. reduced from the print-quality images from a digital camera or scanner. Images should ideally be about 100k in size. When the image has been uploaded you’ll see a thumbnail size image of it. Click your mouse once on the image, and first click “Using Thumbnail” and it will change to “Using Original”. Then click on “Send to Editor” and the image will appear on the page, where it can be resized. Alternatively, just go for the first option, and email the article and images to me at colin@thuso.org