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2012 Waltham Forest Thuso (WFTISA) Garden Party

The 2012 Waltham Forest Thuso (WFTISA) fundraising garden party will be in September. Naima and Gerard Omasta- Milsom, who generously host the party each year, are completing renovation of their house and garden. WFTISA’s decision to postpone also considered the two major events taking place this summer: the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations and the Olympics.

We hope the Garden Party in September will brighten what may be a dull autumn after a brilliant festive summer.

The date and other details will be published here as soon as decided.

Congratulations to 2011 Year 12 Learners

Waltham Forest Thuso in South Africa congratulates all the learners at Thuto Lesedi Secondary School who passed their final year 12 (Matriculation.) examination at the end of 2011. We wish them success in whatever career choice they make.

We are particularly proud of the ones WFTISA sponsored. They showed that with determination, help and support, young people from difficult backgrounds can succeed.

On behalf of the following learners, Waltham Thuso in South Africa thanks everyone who helped them to get this far in their education:

Zondo Tshwarelo, Mabaso Sibusiso, Mabitsela Disemelo, Mazibuko Hlengiwe,

Sithole Adelina, Ndzukula Eshmeralda

In December 2011 when I visited the school, I met, two of the Matriculates (year 12).

Eshmeralda had applied to join the police service and Hlengiwe wanted to study radiography at Tshwane University of technology

Congratulations to 2011 Year 12 Learners

Steward Madi (principal) with Eshmeralda Ndzukula, Mmapula Tladi-Small (WFTISA Chair), Hlengiwe Mazibuko

Christmas Gifts for Sponsored Pupils

I visited Thuto Lesedi Secondary school on 14th December 2011. The school was preparing for the end of the academic year. Teachers were busy marking examination papers. Pupils had already started drifting away from attending school.

The school invited all the sponsored pupils to come and meet with me. Mr Madi, the Principal, attended. We had a pleasant meeting they were all looking forward to the holidays. The Christmas gifts of money from WFTISA brought smiles even to those pupils who seemed subdued. All recipients asked me to convey their gratitude to WFTISA and its supporters. The gifts were a very pleasant and welcome surprise. I was happy that I had been able to deliver it before Christmas.

Christmas Gifts for Sponsored Pupils

During our conversations, two confident Matriculates (year 12) waiting for their examination results, shared their career choices with us. One had applied to join the police service and the other hoped to study radiography at Tshwane University of technology.

Mrs Maphuti, the teacher who co-ordinates the food program, and Rev Hlobelo, joined us at the end of our gathering. Mrs Maphuti reiterated the view that providing lunch and food packs contributed to improved student performance. However, she was concerned that the number of those needing to be fed was growing.

Mmapula Tladi- Small. January 2012